Superfoods & Underwear Modelling

August 29, 2010 § 4 Comments

One of my friends, another personal trainer, has been asked to be the face/body for a new underwear campaign that is launching soon here in Oz. He has 4 weeks to get “massive” “ripped”insert other man-fit term here“. For DF, the way to do this is to enter a no carb zone (no carbs/alcohol/sugars etc) so I thought I would create a new category for low-carb eaters and maybe help him along the way.

The important thing to remember on a low carb diet is that your energy levels can seriously drop if you don’t get smart about what you eat. I would not recommend going totally OTT carbless (i.e. no fruit, no tomatoes, no carrots etc – basically you only eat green vegetables and animal/fleshy protein – not even eggs). Sure you’ll drop the weight but you’ll also lower your immune system and become deficient in so many vital vitamins and minerals…and then put the wight back on when you realise it’s not sustainable.

It’s also wise to consider that a low-carb diet may not be for you. Another friend, also another PT, did the whole no-carb high-protein thing and she actually gained weight, not to mention she didn’t have the energy to really get into her cardio workouts.

If you’re an athlete, do cardio, have an active lifestyle, are a normal human being…YOU NEED CARBS TO KEEP GOING.

If you’re a bodybuilder I presume you know what you’re doing with muscle mass and protein.

So the category will just be some ideas that are lighter on the carb side, which is great for some of your daily meals, and for those that include carbs remember to eat wholegrain, unprocessed carbs and sure, watch your fruit intake but 1-2 pieces a day…well you know what they say about the doctor!

I’m also going to start a SuperFoods section as I’m sitting here with my coconut milk berry smoothie with Vital Greens powder and chia seeds feeling very healthy and happy and it will just be nice to have a category that we can click and feel quietly pleased with ourselves for eating so well! What can you expect to see?

  • chia seeds
  • coconut water
  • broccoli
  • Spirulina
  • Berries
  • Nuts
  • Quinoa…and more.

Eat well.

Be happy.

Think fit…

Happy reading!


Juice Detox – Yep, I paid for one

August 29, 2010 § 3 Comments

Hypocrite. Let’s just put it out there shall we? Why? I tried a detox. Yep, I went against everything I said and thought I’d have a go. Still why? During the height of my detox-bagging period I was confronted by a friend who asked how I could be so anti something that I have never tried. My argument of natural liver functioning, energy levels, starvation, mood swings, muscle loss and all the rest of it fell on deaf ears so I thought FINE! I would try a detox! (and now I can argue with foundations).

In the detox world it would seem that ‘paid-for detoxing’ is all the rage, the thought of people actually squeezing their own juices is truly laughable, so I began scouring the internet for companies that wanted to charge me through the teeth for a few glasses of carrot. A detoxing friend uses and recommends Urban Remedy so I checked them out and it looked as good (insert ironic eyebrow raise here) as any.

This company does a selection of 1, 3 and 5 day cleanses. If you opt for one day it’s more fruit based with less vegetable matter and it goes progressively hardcore from there (the level 3, which is 5 days, will apparently move you one step closer to nirvana. Big call). After much deliberation I decided on the ‘winter warmer’ (a fourth option that is similar to the level 2), which included two soups – probably a good starting point for a novice. So I placed my order for Tuesday delivery, thought-pattern: a detox on Wednesday means it’s nearly time for a weekend treat, and choosing Monday seemed both cruel and unusual. I also only signed up for a one day cleanse because, at $75 a day, I really couldn’t justify the cost (that’s $200 for 3 days or $325 for 5 days…I may as well take a holiday!)

I spend Tuesday eliminating the little caffeine and (ridiculous amounts of) dairy that I have in my diet to prepare the *ahem* temple. Then I got to thinking. Perhaps this will be for  me. Perhaps I will feel better than ever before. Perhaps I will be escalated to a state of self-actualisation that is above the ego of all human beings.

The package arrives. I peek inside. There they are. The liquid.

Wednesday begins.

Juice 1.

Apple, lemon, cos lettuce, celery, silverbeet, parsley and cucumber.

This juice tastes like I’ve morphed into a cow and woken up with grass in my mouth. It’s drinkable, the first half anyway, but I couldn’t get my head around the punch of cucumber. I thought cucumber never punched, only pickled. It’s so ridiculously concentrated that I could visualise my skin turning green with every sip.

Herbal tea and glass of water (as much as i want apparently)

Juice 2. (post yoga, during which I realise that I am somewhat hungry and half a green juice wasn’t as satisfying as some might try to make you believe)

Lemon, Water, Agave nectar, cayenne pepper

6 words. Sucking. On. A. Hot. Lemon. Face.

Verdict: undrinkable and I learnt from Sarah Wilson’s blog that agave nectar is as highly caloric as corn syrup

Juice 3/soup 1. (not the recommended 2 hours after juice 2 but I was bored and unsatisfied)

Sweet potato, leek, pumpkin, ginger, vegetable stock.

I thought this one had potential, I really did. Until I poked the orange content and it bounced back at me like a trampoline. This sure wasn’t like any soup I’d made before…Heating it up in the microwave with some chopped parsley and a little S&P (don’t know if that’s cheating or not) I noticed that even hot the rubberiness didn’t dissipate. It reminded me of some of those cans of pumpkin soup you can buy that taste artificial and leave a thick feeling through your belly.

Ate half. I feel like I’m not getting my money’s worth here!

Juice 4. Post more water and herbal tea

Pineapple, apple and mint

This was actually really delicious, but it’s just fruit juice and I thought I shouldn’t hit my body with so much sugar if it’s meant to be cleansing. Drank half but put the second half in the freezer for an afternoon slushie on another day.

Juice 5/soup 2. Dinner.

Asparagus, broccoli, peas, cashew nuts, stock.

Green pumpkin soup with a little more depth. Chew your juice, they tell me, to feel more satisfied. Instead I drank it rather quickly and then went into the kitchen to make a casserole for later in the week just to preoccupy my idle cooking-habit hands.

Juice 6. Dessert

Cashew nut, coconut milk smoothie

I really did like this one. Grateful for final winner.

So how did I feel? Obviously with a one day cleanse there won’t be side-effects (skin breakout, furry tongue, bad breathe, shakes and eventual feeling of clean lightness) but I sure did feel tired not having something a little more sustaining to help me through the day. The biggest thing for me was that I was just bored. It’s boring! Your meals are over in minutes, there’s no cooking or preparation, it seems unsociable to ‘sit and chat’ over agave water when everyone else is having tea and scones and it just didn’t taste good!

I’m considering, considering, attempting a couple of days in summer when I do a homemade detox – squeeze my own juices, coconut milk smoothies and possibly vegetable broths. At least then the experience of meal-time would go on a little longer.

But for now. Here it is. I. Disagree. With. Detoxing.

And if you want to argue – bite me (if you remember how to chew).

Winter countdown FIT thoughts

August 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

We’re nearly out of the woods, less than three weeks until the beginning of spring and, even if the weather doesn’t warm up instantly the psychological boost will do wonders!

As the finish line is in sight why don’t you begin to mix up your training schedule a bit, if you spent winter working out in the gym, trying to stay out of the cold, then it’s time to take your training routine into the wild. Did you know that you can actually burn up to 5% more calories simply by training outdoors! Why? The terrain is varied and unexpected, the wind may push against you and you need to propel yourself along, rather than a machine doing it for you! Also the changing outdoor temperature makes your body work harder to regulate its thermostat.

Not to mention the beauty of the landscape/cityscape, and breathing in fresh air instead of other peoples sweat in the cardio room. Oh, and another thing, if possible take yourself somewhere nice to train, to clear your mind – if you can get to a beach or a park or at least a quiet street.

Just yesterday I did my run in reverse and even that was a new challenge for my body! There were more stairs at the beginning and smooth sailing at the end, the view was different and i didn’t fall into the mechanical, no-longer-push-yourself habit that was happening with the old run! Plus the weather was so foul and windy that I had to push myself harder to cover the distance.

And if you have been indulging a little more over the winter months, DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP! Check out this blog to read a woman who is on the ball (the fact that it is on a detox site we will just have to accept!) Basically it’s saying that winter is the time when we should be eating our richest, heaviest food – our bodies need the warmth to ward off sickness and keep us going until post-hibernation time.

  • Listen to what your body wants, if it’s calling for root vegetable stew or pork vindaloo, don’t feed it raw salad.
  • Slow cooking at low temperatures to keep as many nutrients as possible
  • Eat slowly and monitor portion control (stews etc will of course have more calories than the same sized salad)
  • Warm breakfasts will help kick start your metabolism and I once read that eating a warm meal at the start of the day is less likely to make you feel tired because the body doesn’t have to work so hard to both start your metabolism and warm the body.
  • Use salt, chilli, garlic, cardamom and other warming herbs and spices. Flavour is deliciously warming. Maximise it!

I’m going to make the most of these last few cold weeks to enjoy all those yummy warming recipes. My mum has been making lots of biryani style recipes that I need to try, there’s still time for a few more soups, I haven’t gotten around to cooking a shepherds pie and my flatmate’s mum has a recipe for lentil lasagne that I should get my hands on.

Plus you need to stay tuned for the upcoming post on Viva Goa restaurant, the Portugese-influenced Goan restaurant that NB and I visited on the weekend. I think they were the best curries I’ve had in Sydney…but that’s all you get to know…for now!

Eat well!

Be happy!

Think fit!

Food For Life

July 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

Wow, did everyone watch the Masterchef final last night?! Talk about pressure cooking, and here I was worried about coordinating my dumplings with the fried rice!

Ok, it’s Monday and  I’m feeling back on track, three days until holiday time. Now let’s be honest, even if I was as good as gold for the next three days I’m not going to achieve a Jennifer Hawkins’ body in that time (I’m BLUSHING with flashbacks from the weekend binge!)

BUT! What’s important is that Blushing Strawberries is now setting the dietary foundations that will have us hot to trot by the time spring rolls in.

A morning walk to Bronte and a fresh vegetable juice. Bliss.

I still have an issue with the word ‘detox’ and I don’t want to use it here. Detoxification suggests participation in an extreme diet for a set period of time to quickly shed some kilos and ‘rest’ your digestive system. A few thoughts.

  • Firstly, while you will lose fat you will also lose muscle that you have worked hard to develop. Once back to normal eating patterns the fat will return but you” be back to square one with your workout.
  • Secondly, by ‘resting’ your digestive system, (juice or lemon water detox) for days at a time, the body goes into starvation mode and will then store extra carbohydrates and fats when your diet returns to normal in fear that the supply will again run out.
  • Finally, you can expect to be constipates and suffer an enormous dip in energy – how are you going to hit those stairs and weights with no fuel in the tank?!

Our bodies need a combination of protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats and LOTS of vegetables to function and be nutritionally sound, and the amount of each will depend on your goals and your body type. If weight loss is the aim then you will need to be more restrictive for a time, but once you lose the weight and if you can continue a healthy lifestyle then don’t feel bad about the odd treat, like a glass of wine a couple of nights a week or a square of chocolate after dinner. If fat-loss isn’t the issue and you’re just looking to maintain weight but boost your health and nutrition then you don’t need to go hardcore on elimination.

You know I love my food but nearly everything I cook is from scratch and is bursting with the goods. And sure, I then like to head out to dinner on the weekends and enjoy a more decadent dinner or brunch. This aint bootcamp, it’s real life, and I’m going to show you how to make it healthy, fulfilling and most importantly – delicious.

So to detox I say pfft! This is Blushing Strawberries eating Food for Life.

Coconut porridge at Bronte Lounge

Let’s start with the basics, I’m not working on elimination but restriction. Portion size will be the key for many people wishing to achieve weight loss (Michelle Bridges agrees) – even if you are a super healthy eater, three serves of dinner is going to add up.

  • Limit caffeine to weekends
  • Swap sugar for naturally sweet alternatives where possible – such as cinnamon instead of brown sugar on porridge, or organic cacao instead of milk chocolate.
  • Eliminate artificial sweeteners all together –  diet drinks are simply chemicals, enjoy a small amount of the real thing if you need any at all
  • Limited – zero processed foods
  • Limit dairy and enjoy the wonders of coconut milk. I’m still not wholly sold on soy milk as most brands have a lot more additives and chemicals than regular milk (besides, I love cow’s milk so it’s here to stay.)
  • Enjoy a range of lean meat during the week – chicken, lean pork, lots of fish and seafood, small quantities of red meat (kangaroo is the healthiest choice) and have meat free nights.
  • Limit desserts to a couple of nights a week – or just the weekend
  • Drink LOTS of water 2-3 litres per day

Portion control

The guidelines:

  • Your plate should be 3/4 vegetables 1/4 lean protein. Of the vegetables make 1/2 the plate ‘light’ i.e. greens, tomatoes, squash, carrots etc (go wild with these vegetables, the calorie content is so tiny) and 1/4 plate ‘heavy’ such as your starchy potatoes, pumpkin, corn…- or substitute the starchy veg for complex carbohydrates (brown rice, quinoa, wholemeal pasta etc).
  • DON’T snack while cooking,
  • Ask yourself if you really need seconds before going back
  • DON’T eat your leftovers (keep them for the next days lunch and save money)
  • DON’T make your kids finish their meals when they’re full – it’s teaching bad habits.
  • Always eat sitting down – enjoy your food!

You only get out what you put in.

If you’re out to lose weight then the simple ratio of energy consumed versus energy expended is the best way to go. If you’re looking to maintain weight or gain weight, consider the same philosophy and make it work for you. Basically there are 4.2 kilojoules in one calorie, but if you get confused check out this site for a little more explanation!

Protein – a vital part to the health of our hormone and immune system as well as for the repair and growth of every tissue in your body. Complete sources of protein are animal based – meats, eggs, fish and dairy foods, which means they have all the essential amino acids your body needs, and incomplete sources of protein are vegetable based – legumes, nuts, seeds and wholegrains. If you are a vegetarian then be sure to include a wide range of protein sources to avoid amino acid deficiency. Protein rich foods are also filling and great for a satisfying meal after a workout. I don’t think it’s necessary to completely cut out carbs at dinner but choose extra protein, fewer carbs and of course – lot’s of vegetables.

Most people need 1-2 grams per day for each kilogram of their weight*

Pesto and fetta scrambled eggs on quinoa and soy bread

Carbohydrates – The Hollywood actress’s enemy, but needlessly so. Carbohydrates (found as starch in grains, legumes, vegetables, and as sugars in fruit and milk) are an important source of fibre, phytochemicals, minerals, vitamins and of course energy. Carbs break down as glucose, the body’s preferred fuel, so when we use this fuel we have to refill the tank. You might notice when your carbohydrate stores are low that you feel lethargic, tired and find it hard to focus. So to keep your energy levels up you need to keep eating the RIGHT MIX of carbohydrates throughout the day- wholegrains and cereals; starchy vegetables; fruit and legumes; milk and yoghurt. Avoid processed carbs like white bread, white rice, cakes etc.

Intake will depend on your level of activity: A person who participates in light-moderate exercise will need about 150-250grams of carbohydrate per day. Very active people may need in excess of 350-400 grams per day.

Fats – Obviously if you predominantly choose foods high in fat then you will gain weight – fat provides double the energy of either carbohydrate or protein. But completely eliminating fat from your diet will have an equally adverse effect on your health. It is recommended that roughly 30% of your total energy intake comes from fat*, which is between 50-60 grams for a less active person to 80-100 grams for more active people. What’s most important is the type of fat that you eat.

Good fats:

  • Omega 3 fatty acids (essential fatty acids) – found in oily fish, linseeds, walnuts and pecans.
  • Also some Omega 6 fatty acids, which are found in nuts and seeds and oils (olive/sesame/macadamia/rice bran/avocado…)

Bad fats:

  • Saturated fatty acids – fat on meat and poultry, full cream milk and yoghurt, cream, cheese and butter, and in commercial cakes, biscuits and pastries
  • Trans fatty acids – found naturally in the fat of dairy products but most dangerously included in the diet through processed foods.

Saying that, personal trainer and certified metabolic typing adviser, Liz Codrington**, has recently written an article that shows how the palaeolithic diet (our hunter-gatherer ancestors), which incorporates moderate amounts of saturated fats (from animal sources, not processed), is beneficial in reducing ailments such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer and autoimmune diseases. While Codrington still strongly warns against the consumption of trans fatty acids and commercially processed foods (they create an ‘insulin spike’ before the inevitable plummet), she says that the healthy fats found in coconut oil, nuts, meat, eggs and cream actually help your body produce a hormone in the stomach and small intestine that signals that you’ve eaten enough.

The catch? These saturated fats must come from certifiably organic produce and grass-fed meat that are free of chemicals and pesticides. And of course not everyone can ingest the same amount.

Finally, YOUR diet and that of your partner/friend/flatmate/gym instructor are not meant to be identical. Metabolic typing has shown that each persons metabolism is unique and requires different diets and different quantities of fats/carbs/protein etc. Just because Jennifer Aniston cuts the carbs doesn’t mean you should too, consider seeing a nutritionist or a qualified metabolic typing adviser if you change your diet for the better but continue to feel lethargic and emotional and find the weight is hard to shift. Eating well should make us look great and, more importantly, it should make us feel great – emotionally, physically and mentally.

Welcome aboard the journey.

*Figures come from Purely Golden Door, Murdoch Books, 2005

**Liz Codrington can be contacted at

Without the will, there is no way!

July 25, 2010 § 1 Comment

How have I fallen off the bandwagon so quickly and with such force?! I think it happens when a food blogger tries to detox!

It all started on Friday night. I had eaten dinner at The Nelson in Bondi Junction ($13.50 for an awesome rump steak) and been good enough to only drink water and leave my mashed potato. Earlier that day I had eaten fruit for breakfast and a vegetable juice for lunch, I had run sprints up hills, taught two pilates class and participated in my first ever Body Pump. After dinner I headed over to meet NB and refused the glass of wine on offer, instead choosing to crunch a (slightly odd tasting) Granny Smith Apple – I was doing so well!! We then went to The Ivy for a couple of glasses of champagne (remember this diet was not meant to interfere with sociability) and headed back home just after midnight.

I feel it was here that it went horribly (but oh so deliciously) wrong!

As dinner had been hours earlier (technically I hadn’t eaten since the day before) I mentioned how I would happily devour a grilled cheese sandwich, something I can’t remember eating in the last six years. Now NB is the self-proclaimed KING of grilled cheese so I put him to the test and channel surf bad early morning TV while he cooks, returning with a plate of delicious panfried sandwiches, simply oozing with tangy melted cheddar. It was somewhere around here that NB asked exactly what my definition of a detox was…

Saturday morning I (somehow) wake up feeling hungry and we head down to DOV at Delectica on the Potts Point end of Victoria St, Darlinghurst. I am seated at breakfast armed with the knowledge that the first two days of the Blushing Strawbs diet were successful because of my healthy morning smoothie – yet somehow enemy artillary manages to bust through the barricade and I find myself ordering multigrain sourdough toast with avocado, smoked ham and fresh tomato…Less of a liquid breakfast you might say.

As I did (shamefully) betray my team for the dark side, I’m pleased to report that the meal was lovely – thick slices of chewy bread, wood smoked rounds of ham, 1/2 an avocado – as was NB’s eggs benedict, earning an appreciative comment from behind the morning paper. Service was friendly and we didn’t have to wait long before our meals arrived. I spied someone else eating the homemade granola and it looked good too, as does the lunch menu with bruschetta w tuna, fetta and dill, lamb sandwiches and chicken salads.

Saturday was rest day from the gym so I pottered around the kitchen baking a double batch of cookies (which have somehow ALL disappeared and I promise this time it wasn’t me) and dog-earing my latest issue of delicious. That night we drive to Balmain to celebrate AB’s birthday, unfortunately missing out on a table at the deliciously aromatic Rosso Pomodoro, somewhere I have vowed to return, but managing to find upstairs seating at Zakira Lebanese Cuisine on Darling St.

Zakira has two banquet menus (one vegetarian one meat) but we instead decide to order a la carte, underestimating the size of the portions and overestimating our appetites. We start with hoummus, baba ganoush, flatbreads, vine leaves stuffed with lemony rice and fried cauliflower. So far there is not a fault to be found…except that I keep going back for seconds, and thirds. We follow with tabouleh, two mixed grills (4 x lamb shish kebab, 4 x chicken shistawook, 4 x lamb kofta), 2 serves of a dish with chicken drumsticks and almond rice, and one eggplant stuffed with lamb mince. There was so much food we couldn’t finish it all – and one of our party is a body builder! Everything was great but for me the standout main was the eggplant with lamb and then the chicken drumsticks, I found the mixed grill a little bland and dry although it did come with a delicious lemony labne. Our waitress was simply divine and very helpful and there are little rooms you can book for group dinners with cushions and lamps and ambience (twas somewhat lacking upstairs)! With corkage at $3 pp the total cost was about $55 each, but we did have so much food.

I rolled back to my car.

I rolled into bed.

I think it was all the rolling that saw me off the wagon and back to the ground.

I woke up this morning with a food hangover. NB is right…what exactly is my definition of detox?!


July 23, 2010 § 1 Comment

Oh dear I’m having one of those moments! In six days NB and I are heading to Queensland in search of warmth and relaxation and I am suffering symptoms known as the winter-belly blues. It’s this time of year that my various personalities crash into each other like two elephants fighting for superiority in the herd . The fitness trainer in me says: Be good! Stop eating carb-dense dinners! You don’t need that afternoon hot chocolate! You don’t need that second serve of chicken fried rice…and so on and so forth. On the other hand, the foodie in me is screaming: It’s winter, if you can’t enjoy stews and mashed potato now when can you. Besides, a full belly makes for a comforting sleep. And finally the girlfriend in me just *GASPS* in panic-stricken horror.

So to appease all of me I have decided that the following six days will include a concentrated effort on getting into bikini shape through new training routines and a cleaner diet, without compromising taste and overall happiness/sociability.

This isn’t a new experiment for me, as I’m sure many women find, our sex have a tendency to pledge goodness and detox into our lives on a rather regular basis. Now I’m not a fan of detox per se as I don’t see the benefit of cutting out entire food groups if you intend to hit your body with them again the following week. Detoxing can also be unhealthy and dangerous when taken to the extremes. But, it you absolutely feel that you need to detox to get the ball rolling I might point you to one celebrity who seems to have reality in mind with her diet. Gwyneth Paltrow’s blog Goop is a really interesting read on any given week, but also has a great section on cooking and eating, as well as her one week detox that has been planned in consultation with a medical professional and doesn’t mean living on lemon water or juice for seven horrifying days:

“I asked my doctor, a detox diet specialist, for the guidelines he uses to achieve a good detox that is not as hallucinogenic (in a bad way) as the Master Cleanse. He actually thinks that the Master Cleanse can be dangerous because the liver is not supported by the nutrients it needs. What it came down to was this: you can detox easily and effectively while you continue to eat as long as you are cutting out the foods and other substances that interfere with the detoxification process. Make sure you check with your doctor before you start any detox. Drink A LOT of water.”

-Gwyneth Paltrow

So you can use that as a starting point, although again it’s just a little OTT for the likes of me and my loves of food (not to mention it’s the middle of winter), so I’ll keep updating Blushing Strawberries with my own little get-fab-fast program and we can see how it goes…Happy Reading!

Day One

6:30 am rise, glass of water with lemon and a mug of green tea.

8am yoga

9:30 – Banana and Berry Coconut Milk Smoothie*

10:45 training session – 45 minute stair running

12pm Lunch – Grated Rainbow Salad**

Afternoon  – apple and a camomile tea

5:45pm Pilates

7:30pm dinner – Baked ocean trout with vegetables

8:30 – Scoop Mango and Cream Weiss ice cream and a shredded wheatmeal biscuit (I refuse to give up my dessert if I plan to keep this up for the long-term!)

*Banana and Berry Coconut Milk Smoothie

This is a powerhouse/dairy free drink that can keep me going for hours. I like to always have frozen berries and banana in the freezer for whenever I might need them.

Serves One


  • Half a sliced banana
  • 2/3 cup frozen berries
  • handful ice cubes (optional for thickening)
  • 2/3 cup light coconut milk
  • 1 tbs Acai Powder
  • 1 tbs Vital Greens Powder (please check this stuff out, it is amazing, tastes delicious and has more nutrients in it than would fit in this post!)

Process, serve in a tall glass and sprinkle with 1 tsp chia seeds and 1 tsp goji berries (optional).

**Grated Rainbow Salad

You really ARE what you it, so if you want to be healthy then ensure that your meals include a full spectrum of colour – this will help you achieve maximum nutrient absorption. The salad is easier to make in a double serve but it happily rests in the fridge for the following day without going soggy. Just don’t add the salt and pepper and avocado until the day of eating.

Serves 2

Grate 2 medium carrots (washed, skin on) and 1 beetroot root (peeled), combine in a bowl with a handful of halved cherry tomatoes, 2 small zucchini (thinly sliced), 1 tin tuna in springwater (optional) and kernels from 1 cob corn. Slice 1/3 avocado on each serve, drizzle with 2 tsp olive oil and add salt and pepper as desired.

Day Two.

5:45am Pilates

7:30am Bowl of porridge with coconut milk, 1/2 sliced banana and cinnamon

Morning training – 1 hour cardio gym session

1pm Grated Rainbow Salad

4:30pm Handful of seeds, apple

5:45 – 8:30 pilates

9pm – Bowl of chicken soup

9:30pm – Warm drink of organic cacao with 1/4 cup heated skim milk. 2 x Shredded wheatmeal biscuits.

(Midnight All Bran – 1/2 cup plus milk…I couldn’t sleep!)

Day Three (via the weekend mishap!)

7am – rise. Drink glass room temperature water with lemon and a green tea

8:30am pilates

Porridge with coconut milk, berries and cinnamon

11am cardio gym session


1:30 Cauliflower, carrot and pumpkin soup with sliced zucchini and peas

5:45 Pilates

7:30 Chicken and vegetable stirfry with ginger, garlic, chilli and reduced salt soy. 1/4 cup Brown rice.

8:30 Piece of fruit, cup of tea, square of chocolate

Day Four

7am rise, glass lemon water and green tea

8:30 am pilates

10 am Vegetable juice (carrot, celery, ginger, mint and pineapple) and a small handful of walnuts

12 pm 45 minute stair running

1:30 pm Tomato based soup with fish, calamari, snow peas and brown rice (take your chicken soup recipe, add a can of chopped tomatoes and swap the chicken for marinara mix (add just before serving and heat seafood until cooked through).

3 pm Apple and a babycino (I know it’s weird – I love froth and not coffee!)

5:30 Yoga

7pm Tuna and vegetable salad – tuna, rocket, tomatoes, grated carrot, grated beetrot, 1/4 avocado, reduced-fat fetta, kalamata olives, drizzled with balsamic and olive oil

8:30pm Watch Inception at the cinema, instead of popcorn or icecream I take in a small bag of cherries, 10 tamari almonds and two chocolate coated macadamias

11pm Small tub of low fat strawberry Jalna yoghurt

Opening the coconut – a photo journey

July 7, 2010 § 1 Comment

When I decided that I would start drinking coconut water (the health benefits are amazing) I didn’t really give much thought to accessing the liquid. It was twenty minutes and a hammer later that I finally placed the straw in my lips!

Where Am I?

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