Food, glorious food.

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Welcome To The Strawberry Patch


Hi there! I’m Jennifer, a 22-year-old pilates instructor and journalism student who grew up among the cocks and chickens in rural NSW and now live among the cocks and chicks of Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

Most importantly, as a serious foodie I get excited by words like whip (cream), crack (eggs), beat (butter) and squeeze (lemons), just as if I participated in raunchy S&M play.

While I earn my living encouraging people to get fit and healthy, I make my friends with chocolate covered bribes and carb-loaded promises. Basically my life is a paradox.

This blog has interspersed posts on metabolic typing and detoxing with the daily happiness of home-baked strawberry-coconut slice, fresh pasta and all-you-can-eat Brazilian meat fests. I encourage taking lots of cheese on picnics, always finishing dinner with ice cream and cracking open a beer after any and every sporting event (whether you participated or not – the Australian way). I eat in, eat out, think food, dream food, challenge food and get fit with food.

There’s nothing finer than a large, juicy strawberry, fresh picked and warm from the sun. Take this same approach as you journey through Blushing Strawberries and please let me know that you’ve stopped by.


Blush. Eat. Sigh. Dream.



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