The Duck, Happy Mother’s Day.

May 6, 2011 § 10 Comments

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day for The Duck and I’d just like to say that she is one amazing woman. For the past two decades she has had to put up with Batman and I, which I can assure you must have been quite the experience. Like that one time when BMan and I were sitting in the car while mum popped in to the store, and in the space of 5 minutes we managed to burn circles into the entire dashboard of our station wagon with the cigarette lighter receptacle. Or those holidays when she would have to drive to 3 different places to collect dinner on Treat Night because my brother would want Hungry Jacks, I would want a kebab and then, once she was comfortably settled with a glass of wine, we would both want Baskin&Robbins.

But I’m sure there were good days. Once I decided to help in the kitchen and I woke up an hour early to make sandwiches for our lunch. As I didn’t want to wake up mum by turning on the light I decided to do all the slicing and assembling by the light of a foggy dawn. Needless to say, when Mother Dearest came into the kitchen 20 minutes later she was welcomed with my beaming face as I proudly displayed six blood-stained cheese sandwiches. Or when the BMan decided to take charge of my potty training, plying me jellybeans and smarties, and within two weeks I was flying solo in the bathroom. Surely you would have to love your kids when they do stuff like that. Right?!?!

I used to hound The Duck about cooking extravagant meals every weeknight. She would walk in the door and I would be sitting there in my school uniform surrounded with cook books for pin-boned quail or an Asian banquet. Not until I started working full time that I realised the beauty of something as simple as steak and three veg. But if it wasn’t for The Duck then the foodie in me would never have been nurtured, Blushing Strawberries would never have existed, and NB would always be very very hungry (ps, NB says Happy Mother’s Day!)

Because of that, I wanted to share a little Mother Love with my readers and I have cumulated all of The Duck’s recipes that have so far appeared in the Strawberry Patch. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I have.

Happy Mother’s Day Mum

I love you.

Mother Duck’s Recipes and thoughts

  1. Wontons and Asian Ribs
  2. Birthday cakes
  3. The Duck’s Winning Meatballs
  4. Bang Bang Chicken
  5. Osso Bucco
  6. Aussie inspiration
  7. Gardening ideas
  8. Thai salad with Duck (eek!)
  9. Medical diagnosis: why I am orange
  10. Raspberry coconut slice
  11. Banana and berry bread
  12. The divine biscuit
  13. Pork chilli salad

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