Pennsylvania: Part One…

April 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

You might have read that NB and I recently headed north, to Pennsylvania, for the BFF’s wedding. This was my first internal trip since moving to the States, apart from our weekend in Charleston, and I can ensure you that after the 24-hour flight from Australia, anything domestic seems a cinch. Saying that, US air-travel has a bit of an undesirable  reputation and it is wise to expect delays (hello I-Pad and airport sports bar) and pack light to avoid the $25 fee for checked luggage (I managed to compact all my weekend necessities into a sexy little orange carry-on, which I think impressed NB just a little bit).

We landed in Philadelphia close to 11pm and went through the banter of hiring a car before heading north-east towards New Hope and our destination, Peddler’s Village. Calling ahead to check in on the BFF it became clear that Peddler’s Village was not known for its rocking nightlife,so  a beer stop would be vital.


“The alcohol laws of Pennsylvania are some of the most restrictive in the United States of America, and contain many peculiarities not found in other states” _Wikipedia”

Now, America has very different alcohol laws to Australia and these vary from state to state. For example, in North Carolina you can buy beer and wine in the supermarkets (very cheaply might I add), but liquor can only be purchased from an ‘offsite’ like the ABC store. In Pennsylvania it is much stricter. Wine and spirits can only be purchased in State owned wine and spirit shops (where you must be over 21 to enter) and beer is only sold by the case or keg (no six-packs) in package stores and restaurants with bars. So we stopped for pizza and had the following conversation:

NB: Two cases of Bud Light please

Waiter: Sorry man, we can only sell one case per transaction

NB: Well can I buy two cases in two different transactions?

Waiter: (Pause) Sure, I guess.

NB pays and picks up his beer.

Waiter: Sorry man, you can only leave the premises with one case at a time.

NB, looking somewhat bemused walks out with a case of beer while I stand eyeing a giant slice of cheesy pizza.

Me: Can I take the other case?

Waiter (to me): Oh, I guess. But can I check your ID?

Me: (hands the ID)

Waiter: Wow! You’re from Australia. Do you know Grinspoon? I saw them once. They’re awesome. Are there really killer stingrays in Australia…

NB returns for the second case and we eventually make our way into the night, ensuring my new friend that yes, plenty of wildlife can harm you Down Under, but he should still go.

By this stage it was past midnight and we still had another 20 minutes before I was near a warm shower, a hot tea and a good pillow. I think it was only this slice of pizza that got me through…

(to be continued)


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