When sweatpants become your fancy dress…

April 6, 2011 § 9 Comments

Here we are again. My dedication to food has wreaked havoc on my waistline.



Before I moved to America I was shocked by how many women told me that their time abroad resulted in pounds and pounds of weight gain. If you are unsure about the conversions, one pound is 2.2kg (The Duck’s method for roasting lamb: 15 minutes per pound, 15 minutes for the oven, 15+ minutes to rest) So pounds and pounds is a LOT of weight!  I wondered how they had allowed the scales to tip so rapidly. Now I know. Here are some of the warnings that were given to me:


  • “The portion sizes are huge”,
  • “Everything is packed with sugar and cheese”,
  • “The country rules Drive-Thru: food, banks, pharmacies. You will stop walking”


And now my own observations:


  • When you stop working/studying full time you sit at home and eat more;
  • When you don’t know many people, you sit at home and eat more;
  • When you move into the middle of winter, you sit at home and eat more;
  • Moving away from Eastern Suburbs yummy mummies greatly relieves the pressure of daily workouts;
  • When you move to the South I have two words: Paula Deen


But you know me, I love to rant and rave about healthy eating (some of the time) So I really don’t know what happened…unless it was this, or this or this? Or maybe it was this?



All that I can hope for now is that the extra pudding has made me look more like Nigella Lawson, Domestic Sex Kitten, and less like either of the Two Fat Ladies.


So maybe keep an eye out for a few health-kick recipes coming from amidst the strawberry vines. Or maybe I’ll just say to hell with it and chocolate coat those berries instead. Tell me, what would you do??




During the writing of this post the author gorged on cheese and crackers, peanut butter & celery, nuts, seeds, milk and chocolate. Simultaneously.





§ 9 Responses to When sweatpants become your fancy dress…

  • The States are dreadful for their enticing ways to fatten a gal up aren’t they, its so not fair because every single moment the adventure lasts (lets try this drive in, or that one, oh hell., lets do ’em both); its so fun to try out the culinary culture until the dreaded reality check.
    I say keep eating & just run more Jen, coz no matter how you look at it, lettuce leaves alone is no fun 🙂

  • Sonia says:

    This post is so true! I’m from Charlotte, NC and moved to Europe (Scandinavia) last October. I have lost 20 pounds in that time and i have not changed my palate or workouts! But I do walk or bike to the store (now hat its not a billion below zero and ten feet o snow on the ground) where in nc I would always drive. But food just tastes different here. and the portion sizes are MUCH smaller (i.e. normal size). And I love that I see kids munching on fruit and veggies and not chips and cookies!!

    • Good on you Sonia!! I fear I would put on more weight in such a cold country though because I would hibernate and eat! I think I will go and buy a bike this afternoon too…the Booty Loop anyone?!

  • I’ve been going through the same thing after moving to Germany. I just assumed because I’d be riding a bike everywhere that I’d stay fit and slim… I guess not, beer and pork are just a way of life over here. We’re in Bavaria and there is a delicious beer that’s designed to go with breakfast! 🙂

    • Beer with breakfast!! You’re a trooper!! Haha 🙂 I think the fact that we’re both aware of what’s happening with our weight means we can nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand. I’ve downsized my serving plate and hidden the jar of peanut butter…two important steps! Thanks for dropping by, i’m very excited to follow your adventures 🙂

  • Kelly says:

    Well if my opinion matters at all, I think you look great! If I had to guess what brought on weight gain, I bet it has something to do with all the weddings and parties you’ve been attending. For myself, it’s much easier for me to control myself at restaurants, but I have a much more difficult time at parties and weddings. But that’s just me. It bears to be repeated, you really look great and I haven’t noticed that you’ve gained at all.

  • ducky says:

    I have to agree with Kelly,Quackling-you look wonderful and have amazing will power !!Anna also makes a great point re. lettuce !!All things in moderation and once everyone over there stops marrying everyone else over there it will be easier for you to say no to the yummy little morsels that suddenly appear at every turn.

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