When the farmer neglects the vines…

March 31, 2011 § 2 Comments

…the Strawberry Patch will ramble.



Vegans. Now that’s a hardcore life decision. Or vegetarians – also totally legit. It’s when people start calling themselves ‘pescatarian’ that I get a little cynical, I mean from a life point of view I don’t believe there is a difference between a cow or a sheep. But the dawn of the ‘flexitarian’ revolution has really got my goat, so to speak. It’s a prime example of having your (beef)cake and eating it too…ok, enough puns!

For those of you who may not be familiar with the term, a flexitarian is someone who is semi-vegetarian, or for whom       the ratio of vegetable to meat on a plate is about 8:2, or who choose to not eat meat on Mondays.

How is this making headlines? The Italians and the Asians have been making vegetable based meals for decades but no one is heralding them as the new responsible eaters (sorry to steal your limelight, Paul McCartney).

So yes, ideally each plate should have more vegetables than meat, but do we really need to further segregate the eating community over a chop or two??





Who would pay $625 for a cookbook?? Because I’m really interested to know!




Finally, as a group who probably spend a large portion of our money in the supermarkets I’m sure we’re all a little miffed that prices keep going up while sizes keep going down. If only they would at least be honest about it.


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§ 2 Responses to When the farmer neglects the vines…

  • Oh man, I haven’t even kept up with all the latest terminology for semi vegetarians, I got into enough trouble back in the day cheffing when someone (a vegetarian apparently) had the hide to send back to the kitchen her vegetarian stir fry ‘with a chicken breast on the side’!!!! She was very Angreeeeeee at the kitchen because the chicken was touching the veg stir fry & our obvious ridicule over her very strict dietary requirements were not being respected. I could go on…, but I wont. I admit to being syndical about the whole ‘tarian issues about then.
    And yeah…. who does pay $625 for a cookbook!!!
    The worlds going crazy I tell ya 🙂

  • ducky says:

    If I had a spare $625 I would put it towards a mortgage payment-some of these people need to get real!!!

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