The Hunt For Osso Bucco

February 11, 2011 § 3 Comments

Last night’s dinner was Osso Bucco, I thought it would help stave away the freezing temperatures we’ve been having. But what seemed like a good idea turned into a treasure hunt, both time consuming and expensive. With only two butchers within reasonable traveling distance -the pricey New York Butcher Shoppe and the Halal Butcher – and an over representation of steak in the supermarket, I couldn’t for the life of me find the meat! (Apparently there is also a lamb drought, according to my fellow yogi in crime, but that’s another story…)



Finally I found my veal shanks at The Fresh Market, which would be a nice place to do all my shopping if I was rich, instead of being unemployed and living on the opposite side of the world! Do you remember in my previous Osso Bucco post, back in the days of Gluten Free eating,  when I said:

“Osso bucco is a fantastic dish because this cut of the veal shank is usually quite inexpensive, which means you can spend the savings on two (or more?!) beautiful bottles of red – one for cooking, one for drinking”



Not so here, and $60 later I came out with 5 pieces. I mean, it’s veal shank, what?!?! Anyway, they were lovely meaty cuts from the hind leg, which is why I’m showing you photos of raw meat, and honestly it’s always worth the effort if the result is a yummy, cosy meal to share with your family and friends!




Tell me, what’s the most expensive ingredient you have paid for??

Blush. Eat. Sigh. Dream. Snuggle.



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§ 3 Responses to The Hunt For Osso Bucco

  • $60 US dollars….. OMG. Isn’t it the weirdest thing trying to recreate your fave recipes in a new country. They look at you like your an exotic (and that’s not always a good thing) because I’m sure they (the dreaded store owner) are mentally adding on extra $$$$$$$. Glad you shared to raw product!!
    Most expensive (& happens all too often I have to admit) is for wine. I adore a really good wine, especially Shiraz… think the latest outrageous expense was around $75 for the bottle…. but oh let me tell you what that baby was all about with its chocolatey syrupy goodness. Siiiigghhhh.

  • ducky says:

    It seems amazing to think that you would have to pay that much for osso bucco when it is such a (delicious) basic staple at home!Remember when we would make huge pots of it and eat far too much at dinner then secretly crave it for breakfast only to find that Major CFC had smuggled it out in his esky so he could enjoy it for lunch?? How often did we hear at night ” I didn’t know anyone else wanted it and I didn’t want to waste it” Oh,yeah…..

  • 60$ OH my Now i understand why you wanted to post the raw meat there, all the fav food that i crave for in Finland are so darn expensive, initially i used to think, but after i enjoy few morsels of it, i forget about the bank!

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