Govinda’s: Darlinghurst

January 6, 2011 § 11 Comments

I’ve just left a 90 minute massage and am floating on a cloud of orange oil and rosemary essence bliss. Obviously I can’t be expected to do anything productive this afternoon, so instead I have opened a coconut and am going to tell you about Govinda’s (112 Darlinghurst Rd, Darlinghurst NSW 2010).

If you read my last post you would know that NB and I are on a mission. A mission to finally visit the little locals we’ve talked about for months. Govinda’s has long been on the mission list, which is somewhat silly as NB lives right across the road, and now I’ll put on my Tom Cruise sunglasses when I say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

If you’re not familiar with Govinda’s it is a movie theatre and vegetarian Indian restaurant in one. For $30 you go and enjoy the all you can eat buffet and then head upstairs to catch either the 7:30 or 9:30 movie session, where you lie down on cushions and lengthen yourself out like a resting cat.

It was a cold Tuesday night when we booked in and we shook our heads in astonishment that we had to wear jumpers in the last week of December. Oh well, the weather made it a perfect night for an aromatic curry and a snuggley movie-seat.

We were greeted by a pretty Norwegian girl in a field green sari and shown to our seat around the back corner of the room where the lights were dim enough for ambience but light enough for a good view of the food. She explained to us that you may return to the buffet as many times as you want, but take a new plate each time. All the food is vegetarian and some is vegan.

We started with bowls of yellow split-lentil dhal, a warming mix with a smooth flavour and not too much chilli. Then back to the buffet for plates of curry – a cheesy tasting cauliflower and potato, tomato based beans and fried tofu and some sort of tempeh meat balls (which I think could have fooled even the hardest carnivore). There was white rice, brown rice, and a couscous, chickpea and  vegetable pilaf, as well as chutneys and raitas, pappadams, seeds and kernals and even pasta bake, potato wedges and iceberg lettuce leaves for those less adventurous.

We spied the table next to us as they received their desserts. Less Indian than Dairy Queen I think, chocolate mousse with canned- whip cream, banana splits and cake hidden with ice cream and topping. Mmmmm maybe not! Instead NB ordered a delicious mango lassi while I sipped on a big pot of steaming hot English Breakfast tea.

Very full, we struggled upstairs, happy to lie down on one of the day beds and watch the 9:30 screening of Winter’s Bone. The only problem now is trying to keep yourself awake, full, comfortable and oh so content!


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§ 11 Responses to Govinda’s: Darlinghurst

  • so was the movie any good? i love all you can eat buffets when the food is good 🙂

  • ducky says:

    Sitting here in a boring country town and wishing for a magic carpet to whisk me away to Govinda’s …still waiting..and waiting…my tummy is rumbling..will pour a glass of wine instead and dream..

  • Faith says:

    Govindas sounds like the perfect thing to do on a winter’s night! I can’t imagine a happier feeling than beeing full and cozy and stretching out to watch a movie!

  • Ameena says:

    We have a Govinda’s near us which I have never been too…I wonder if the restaurants are related? I love that they have vegan options!!

    I need to do a better job visiting my local places too! Great idea.

  • Wish there was a Govinda’s here, what a cool idea – gotta be the ideal happy place I think….. all you can eat & a comfy movie, nice find 🙂

  • I was very curious as soon i saw ur post title, since Govinda is very Indian name, now i can relate to the post all the food just sounds and looks very Indian delish…especially pappadam is wow. Mango lassi oh I’m missing India 😀

  • mashi says:

    I’ve been to Govinda’s before as well, I love the buffet and there’s just enough variety to keep you satisfied. We skipped the movie last time tho, looking forward to visiting again and hopefully catching the movie too.

  • Gosh, that sounds awesome! I feel like I am totally missing out (then again, that might be a good thing, buffets were not made for girls like me who keep going back a billion times until they are gasping for air they are so full LOL)
    *kisses* HH

  • That is probably one of the coolest places I have ever heard of.
    I have heard of places that serve dinner and a movie..that sounds like so much fun!
    And how can you go wrong with Indian food..yum!

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