Finding the calm part three: The Suveran

November 17, 2010 § 3 Comments

Mission Australia survey released today showed an increase of young Australians not been able to cope with stress. This is a worry in people so young (she says like a wise old grandmother) and is exactly why I’m trying to channel my energies into the things that make me calm and happy. Here is Part Three of the stress-busters series, I hope you enjoy!

BR is often my go-to-girl for suggestions of calm. She was the one who encouraged me to listen to The Quiet by Paul Wilson, a simple condensed guide to various meditation and relaxation techniques. I take my ipod down to the beach and listen to his soothing voice, sitting on the rocks, feeling peaceful…like Yoda:

“You know how to find peace and quiet when you’re on the mountaintop, in the forest, on the secluded beach, at the retreat centre, or in the ancient temple.

But how do you find it in the thick of a noisy, non-stop modern world?

How do you find it when you’re battling to make a living, raise the children and dealwith illness? How do you summon it for those moments when you’re furthest away, when you need it the most?”

BR is also the one who introduced me to The Suveran in Bondi (Boondi Boondi) Junction for my last birthday.

Way more than a cafe, The Suv – as it is affectionately known  – is all about serving humanity. All the food is: Sugar free, Dairy free, Flour free, Gluten free, Wheat free, Yeast free, Grain free, Soy free, Egg free, Legume free, Tap Water, & Nightshade free!

This, ahem, ‘free’ policy often raises the eyebrows of people when I first tell them….So what’s in it? They ask.

In a word the answer is HEALTH. Yup!

The Suv only use neutral or alkaline forming foods, for example sprouted seeds (millet, chia, buckwheat), lots of veggies and salads. I love their buckwheat bread but you can check out the full menu here. They’re also not-for-profit, so its healthy for the community and super healthy on your wallet. It’s a ‘living’ cafe.

Just walking into the Suv I feel my stress evaporate. Everyone is chilled, if not a hippie.

They’re cracking open drinking coconuts, stirring big batches of organic chicken and vegetable stew ($6) and folding salad into crepes made from millet.



And then there is Pete. Pete is calm epitomised. He has the memory of an elephant and a keen knowledge of current

affairs and investigative journalists (sadly greater than both BR or myself, despite studying in the field!). When I went in last week at the height of my I-want-to-scream-at-the-world phase Pete gave me a hug, coconut in one hand, cleaver in the other, and said:

‘Jenn you’re living in it, just live out of it‘ – simple as that.

Pete making chocolate

So if you’re feeling a bit stressed and are about to hit up the cupboard for a block of chocolate I would recommend instead heading to The Suv. Here you can perch on the wooden benches and watch Pete make real ‘chocolate’, amazing brownie like morsels of the divine ($1.50). They’re made with organic cocoa, organic cocoa butter, coconut meat, and flavoured with anything from peppermint essence to licorice extract to wattle seeds to goji berries to spirulina to cashew nut…And of course they’re Sugar free, Dairy free, Flour free, Gluten free, Wheat free, Yeast free, Grain free, Soy free, Egg free, Legume free, Tap Water, & Nightshade free!








Syrian Blueberries – these are what a rainbow would taste like!


Are you thinking what I’m thinking? If so then I’ll meet you in The Suv, completely footloose and fancy free! (Thanks BR xxx).

244 Oxford St, Bondi Junction


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