Graduating into the calm.

November 12, 2010 § 5 Comments


Well it’s official! I have now graduated and become a fully-fledged journalist…who would have thunk it?! Yippee! The last three years have been an amazing time. I moved from a small country town to the ‘big smoke’. I made best friends that I will have for life. I got into the health and fitness industry. I was taught at uni by some of Australia’s best journos. And now I have a visa and ticket to move to America. Pretty cool stuff huh?!

But of course it wasn’t all smooth sailing and there were times when everything seemed to fall apart (before it magically all came together at the last minute). I’ll be the first to admit that I can become a major stress-head in such situations and I should take a moment to apologise to my flatmates and NB for the emotional roller coaster that this last month of study has brought with it…my bad!

Fortunately, when it all becomes too much there are things that make me calm. The next three blog posts will be about the things that I like to do when I need to de-stress.

What about you Blushers? What’s your secret for calm?

Blush. Eat. Sigh. Dream.



§ 5 Responses to Graduating into the calm.

  • Super Dooper *B I G* congratulations for crossing the finishing line lovely. Wowweeeee, a fully fledged journo huh. One day we’ll say….. “Oh, but I knew her when she was just a Blusher” 🙂
    My secrets for calm cover a lot of distance Jen…, but all these work in no particular order, the ocean, hanging out at the family farm, cooking…. aaahhh, did I mention cooking…., yep, cooking…Ummm, good friends and family, a clear picture of where I’m going (because that makes all the crappy stuff just ‘little stuff’) & when all else fails an elegant night out eating the best foods and pairing it with some amazing wines!!! Did I mention cooking…, yep… cooking !!!!

  • ducky says:

    Congratulations my amazing,adorable,beloved quackling on finishing your uni degree.I know how much you have put into it and how much ,at times,it has taken out of you. We are incredibly proud of you. How I wish someone had given me Baz Luhrmann’s advice when I was your age-please heed it darling

  • Becca Rose says:

    BR is very proud of her beautiful blusher xxx

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