Crave Sydney and Picnics.

September 29, 2010 § 1 Comment

This weekend kicks off the Crave Sydney Food Festival, which no doubt has hundreds of foodies around the city champing at the bit. As a food blogger with a truck-load of uni work during October it is all a bit overwhelming, and perhaps depressing, but there are certainties – night noodle market… maybes – cocktails of the month… and wishies – Kylie Kwong’s ‘It Tastes Better: a celebration of sustainable food at her Crown St restaurant ($165 pp).

One thing for sure is that October is a very fine month to pack your basket, find a park and relish in the magnificence of the humble chicken/mayo/chive sandwich, and what a better day to do it than next Monday’s public holiday (thank you the labour union!). So whether you’re planning a ferry over to Clark Island for The Perfect Picnic or making tracks to your local park, or even setting up rugs in the backyard, here are the three hamper essentials to send you on your merry way:

  1. Cheese and bread
  2. Wine and beer (…and bottles of water I suppose…)
  3. Strawberries

    With these staples, close your eyes and be whisked to a grassy hill somewhere in the south of France.

    And then there are the three things people always forget to remember:

    1. Bottle opener (GASP!!)
    2. Sunscreen (So memories the next day are fond not fried)
    3. Blanket or towel (What French woman do you know with dirty pants and grass-rashed legs?)

      Finally, if the organisation all becomes too much and you think the picnic isn’t worth the hassle, check out my dream job at The Sydney Picnic Company

      Enjoy your weekend Blushers! Let me know if you made it out and about!

      Blush. Eat. Sigh. Dream.


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