Woodfordleigh Bed & Breakfast, Ulmarra

September 22, 2010 § 17 Comments

I struggle thinking, reading and writing about food after dinner when I’m full, but it seems that lately it’s the only spare minute I have to blog! Fortunately I have a lovely photo-post from visiting my Grandmother’s beautiful B&B, Woodfordleigh in Ulmarra recently where I started my mornings with freshly-squeezed juice and ended it sipping champagne. Set on the Clarence River, Ulmarra is a beautiful quaint little township, the perfect escape from the hustle, bustle (and stress) of the city, and a perfectly timed stop over for those driving Sydney to Byron Bay or Brisbane!

The peaceful rooms…


Freshly squeezed orange and mandarin juice, fruit salad…


Picking herbs for lunchtime sandwiches…

Yet to Blush…


The Pub.

Lamb racks with baked veges…

Cooked by the lovely Ian…

A soft Clarence sunset…




§ 17 Responses to Woodfordleigh Bed & Breakfast, Ulmarra

  • Aaahhhh, you’ve done it again. Gorgeous photos, love the one of the sunset & imagine drinking a lovely glass of chilled white would go down a treat watching the sun fade. thanks for sharing.

  • That sunset picture is beautiful. What a gorgeous looking area, and the fact that your grandmother has a B&B there, even better.

  • Meg Ducker says:

    Jenn what a lovely blog. Looks good enough to want to go there to stay but Armidale is too beautiful to leave today. Happiness in your travels. Love Meg

  • kate mac says:

    Hi Jen, fancy discovering you way out there in cyberspace!! LOVE the blog, keep it up as I look forward to following your pictures/stories…. xx Kate

  • Gran..... Jenny says:

    Darling Jen
    Gran is SOOOOOO far behind in technology that she has only JUST found your lovely blog on Woodfordleigh site. If only peop[le knew how lovely it really is….like you. Recently guests said they loved what they saw on the internet…and I was wondering…what??? They were lovely guests with their lovely little Arabella but now I see that there was more on the internet than old non-tech Gran knew!!!! Love you XX

  • Gran..... Jenny says:

    Sorry Jenn that you didnt get to post a photo of the main Queen Suite…the one we call the Princess Room!!! which I hope you are soon using!! XX

  • I just came across your lovely blog on Woodfordleigh B&B. This house used to be my mother’s family home, but they left it in approx. 1940 during WWII to come to Sydney as times were tough. As my mother has just recently passed away, my aunt has been regaling me with stories of growing up in Ulmarra and this house! My grandfather owned the motor garage/petrol station in Coldstream St which you could access through the backyard, and he was also the local photographer. The garage is no longer there but we do have some photos. Now I know the house is a B&B I might just have to plan a holiday!

    • What a marvelous story! My grandmother will be so pleased to hear and I know that she would love a visit from you. Thank you for dropping by πŸ™‚

      • I don’t know how much your grandmother knows about the history of the house, but according to my aunt, she was told by one of her cousins (since deceased) that the house was built in 1860 and is now quite likely one of the oldest (if not THE oldest) buildings still standing in Ulmarra. The attic window shown in your photo is a new addition, but otherwise the faΓ§ade is the same. Just thought I’d share that information with you πŸ™‚

  • I didn’t know that, what a great treat this has been!

  • Jenny says:

    Thank you so much for forwarding Susan Waddups information. I would love to email her as there is very little history on this house but I have had back to stay the surviving members of a family who left here in 1945. They all just loved there time here…two daughters who are/were nuns and one brother and his wife. Love the information that it was built in 1860…..as grandaugher Jenn knows I have replanted the hedge which photos show was here…out the front…but this time box and not lantana which was ofcourse very fashionable in those times. Just love the house and its peace…as do those who stay. My email woodfordleigh@yahoo.com.au will put Susan in touch which I would love and would love her to come and stay!!

  • Note – sorry if there was any confusion, I just realised that all my posts were coming through from my newest blog venture Mind Body Bride, not Blushing Strawberries. It seems, however, that you figured that out!

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