Freemasons, Vegemite and understanding that Real Men Wear Aprons.

September 4, 2010 § 6 Comments

Just having a spot of lunch before flying to Ballina to spend the weekend with my grandmother and I have somehow managed to stumble on to a Freemasons page about Real Men Wearing Aprons. The things you learn on the internet! Did you know that the Freemason’s are the brains (and taste-buds) behind:



… Freddo Frogs

…Aeroplane Jelly

…And Peter’s Icecream

Not the healthiest of men it would seem, but interesting none-the-less! I can imagine them down in their caves chanting and dissolving jelly crystals into boiling water! Just the thought of that makes ME a happy little Vegemite.

P.s I’m a peanut butter/Vegemite girl myself…But how do you guys eat yours?

  • Minimalist?
  • Spread corner to corner?
  • White bread and butter?
  • Toasted with cheese?
  • On a teaspoon?

Just curious so let me know!

Blush. Eat. Sigh. (Love).


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§ 6 Responses to Freemasons, Vegemite and understanding that Real Men Wear Aprons.

  • Wow! That’s kinda weird & interesting all at the same time. I remember my Grandfather was “a mason”…., it was all very secretive (which of course made us want to know more)…., not that we ever got to know more but its an ancient networking/masterminding group.., it is interesting what you can find out on the net though….,what did we did before Mr Google!!
    Vegemite – must have thick lashings on buttered toast and then the egg on top. YumO

  • Meals says:

    Well Jen my darling: I like my vegimite on toasted sourdough with melted butter! Love butter 🙂 xxx and enough to taste but not too thick with the vegimite! I eat vegimite daily, with my soy latte!

    Breakfast this sat? xx

  • Meals says:

    oh and vegimite toasties with cheese, always best after a late night of partying/drinking!

  • Priyanka says:

    Suddenly I have an urge to eat a vegemite toast. My aunt lived in Australia and would get us the spread! I loved it, but since we knew it would be over in no time, we learned to spread just enough 🙂

    Oh my..Milo…my childhood drink!!

  • CVV says:

    CJ was very excited last week to discover he’s a vegecadoer. I added grated cheese and turned it into an open melt, even better!

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