An ode to spring

September 1, 2010 § 6 Comments

I love spring. I simply can’t tell you enough. I’m not one of those who finds beauty in all seasons (ok there is and I do but admitting that seems to destroy the power of my argument somewhat). I hate being cold. I like it to be warm. I like to smile when I smell the scent of jonquils, magnolias and honeysuckle dancing on the breeze. I like to feel the warm evening air and taste the salt of the ocean. I like that people are happier. I like that we are more motivated. I like seeing purple: jacaranda lining the streets of Grafton, wisteria delicately taking control of the homestead verandah. I like my eyes to be assaulted by the various shades of green. I like that spring is less stressful than summer because there are no big celebrations like Christmas and New Year, instead it’s a time for picnics and lazy Sunday lunches.

So yes! What a happy day to be here in Australia! And Sydney isn’t disappointing on this first day of spring, serving up a calm 25˚ that simply begs for a beach walk and a glass of freshly squeezed juice. So, as I procrastinate and attempt to avoid my university work I thought I would find a sense of the productive in creating a deliciously visual ode to my idea of spring.

I adore hyacinths – they are the epitome of health and happiness!

Grape hyacinth

Purple tulips – royalty, White tulip – forgiveness

My veggie patch at home

Outdoor breakfast at my grandmother’s


…and then gelato

Visiting the new calves in our 1954 chevy “Chuck”



§ 6 Responses to An ode to spring

  • Meals says:

    Started the first day of Spring with a workout in the park! Bring it on Spring! 🙂

  • Jennifer says:

    And that’s why you’re the Mighty Meals

  • Hi 🙂 Totally agree with you about spring. Bring it on…., hate being cold too (and there’s been a lot of being cold this winter in cold, windy, wet Canberra)… all the spring flowers are popping their heads out, pretty happy about that.
    thanks for your great comments on my blog, look forward to hearing more from you, I’ll subscribe to your blog.
    Cheers Anna

  • Just realized I should have ticked the box so I can subscribe…, so here we go again 🙂

  • Priyanka says:

    I think Spring is the best weather ever. I hate winters and honestly coming from a warm country like India, I am not a fan of summer either. But Spring, it is simply perfection personified and each statement you said above holds true!!

    Thank you for the comment on my blog!! I am glad to have found someone who shares similar agonies 😉 (University studies I mean)

    All your flower pictures are gorgeous, I have inherited my love for flowers from my Mum!!!

    • Work, study and blogging – it’s more than a full time job! I think we must definitely personify ‘For love not money’!

      But it makes me happy! As do flowers and all things dairy 🙂 I look forward to testing out some recipes from your blog! NB loves a good curry!

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