Winter countdown FIT thoughts

August 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

We’re nearly out of the woods, less than three weeks until the beginning of spring and, even if the weather doesn’t warm up instantly the psychological boost will do wonders!

As the finish line is in sight why don’t you begin to mix up your training schedule a bit, if you spent winter working out in the gym, trying to stay out of the cold, then it’s time to take your training routine into the wild. Did you know that you can actually burn up to 5% more calories simply by training outdoors! Why? The terrain is varied and unexpected, the wind may push against you and you need to propel yourself along, rather than a machine doing it for you! Also the changing outdoor temperature makes your body work harder to regulate its thermostat.

Not to mention the beauty of the landscape/cityscape, and breathing in fresh air instead of other peoples sweat in the cardio room. Oh, and another thing, if possible take yourself somewhere nice to train, to clear your mind – if you can get to a beach or a park or at least a quiet street.

Just yesterday I did my run in reverse and even that was a new challenge for my body! There were more stairs at the beginning and smooth sailing at the end, the view was different and i didn’t fall into the mechanical, no-longer-push-yourself habit that was happening with the old run! Plus the weather was so foul and windy that I had to push myself harder to cover the distance.

And if you have been indulging a little more over the winter months, DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP! Check out this blog to read a woman who is on the ball (the fact that it is on a detox site we will just have to accept!) Basically it’s saying that winter is the time when we should be eating our richest, heaviest food – our bodies need the warmth to ward off sickness and keep us going until post-hibernation time.

  • Listen to what your body wants, if it’s calling for root vegetable stew or pork vindaloo, don’t feed it raw salad.
  • Slow cooking at low temperatures to keep as many nutrients as possible
  • Eat slowly and monitor portion control (stews etc will of course have more calories than the same sized salad)
  • Warm breakfasts will help kick start your metabolism and I once read that eating a warm meal at the start of the day is less likely to make you feel tired because the body doesn’t have to work so hard to both start your metabolism and warm the body.
  • Use salt, chilli, garlic, cardamom and other warming herbs and spices. Flavour is deliciously warming. Maximise it!

I’m going to make the most of these last few cold weeks to enjoy all those yummy warming recipes. My mum has been making lots of biryani style recipes that I need to try, there’s still time for a few more soups, I haven’t gotten around to cooking a shepherds pie and my flatmate’s mum has a recipe for lentil lasagne that I should get my hands on.

Plus you need to stay tuned for the upcoming post on Viva Goa restaurant, the Portugese-influenced Goan restaurant that NB and I visited on the weekend. I think they were the best curries I’ve had in Sydney…but that’s all you get to know…for now!

Eat well!

Be happy!

Think fit!


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