Without the will, there is no way!

July 25, 2010 § 1 Comment

How have I fallen off the bandwagon so quickly and with such force?! I think it happens when a food blogger tries to detox!

It all started on Friday night. I had eaten dinner at The Nelson in Bondi Junction ($13.50 for an awesome rump steak) and been good enough to only drink water and leave my mashed potato. Earlier that day I had eaten fruit for breakfast and a vegetable juice for lunch, I had run sprints up hills, taught two pilates class and participated in my first ever Body Pump. After dinner I headed over to meet NB and refused the glass of wine on offer, instead choosing to crunch a (slightly odd tasting) Granny Smith Apple – I was doing so well!! We then went to The Ivy for a couple of glasses of champagne (remember this diet was not meant to interfere with sociability) and headed back home just after midnight.

I feel it was here that it went horribly (but oh so deliciously) wrong!

As dinner had been hours earlier (technically I hadn’t eaten since the day before) I mentioned how I would happily devour a grilled cheese sandwich, something I can’t remember eating in the last six years. Now NB is the self-proclaimed KING of grilled cheese so I put him to the test and channel surf bad early morning TV while he cooks, returning with a plate of delicious panfried sandwiches, simply oozing with tangy melted cheddar. It was somewhere around here that NB asked exactly what my definition of a detox was…

Saturday morning I (somehow) wake up feeling hungry and we head down to DOV at Delectica on the Potts Point end of Victoria St, Darlinghurst. I am seated at breakfast armed with the knowledge that the first two days of the Blushing Strawbs diet were successful because of my healthy morning smoothie – yet somehow enemy artillary manages to bust through the barricade and I find myself ordering multigrain sourdough toast with avocado, smoked ham and fresh tomato…Less of a liquid breakfast you might say.

As I did (shamefully) betray my team for the dark side, I’m pleased to report that the meal was lovely – thick slices of chewy bread, wood smoked rounds of ham, 1/2 an avocado – as was NB’s eggs benedict, earning an appreciative comment from behind the morning paper. Service was friendly and we didn’t have to wait long before our meals arrived. I spied someone else eating the homemade granola and it looked good too, as does the lunch menu with bruschetta w tuna, fetta and dill, lamb sandwiches and chicken salads.

Saturday was rest day from the gym so I pottered around the kitchen baking a double batch of cookies (which have somehow ALL disappeared and I promise this time it wasn’t me) and dog-earing my latest issue of delicious. That night we drive to Balmain to celebrate AB’s birthday, unfortunately missing out on a table at the deliciously aromatic Rosso Pomodoro, somewhere I have vowed to return, but managing to find upstairs seating at Zakira Lebanese Cuisine on Darling St.

Zakira has two banquet menus (one vegetarian one meat) but we instead decide to order a la carte, underestimating the size of the portions and overestimating our appetites. We start with hoummus, baba ganoush, flatbreads, vine leaves stuffed with lemony rice and fried cauliflower. So far there is not a fault to be found…except that I keep going back for seconds, and thirds. We follow with tabouleh, two mixed grills (4 x lamb shish kebab, 4 x chicken shistawook, 4 x lamb kofta), 2 serves of a dish with chicken drumsticks and almond rice, and one eggplant stuffed with lamb mince. There was so much food we couldn’t finish it all – and one of our party is a body builder! Everything was great but for me the standout main was the eggplant with lamb and then the chicken drumsticks, I found the mixed grill a little bland and dry although it did come with a delicious lemony labne. Our waitress was simply divine and very helpful and there are little rooms you can book for group dinners with cushions and lamps and ambience (twas somewhat lacking upstairs)! With corkage at $3 pp the total cost was about $55 each, but we did have so much food.

I rolled back to my car.

I rolled into bed.

I think it was all the rolling that saw me off the wagon and back to the ground.

I woke up this morning with a food hangover. NB is right…what exactly is my definition of detox?!


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§ One Response to Without the will, there is no way!

  • Amelia Bros says:

    Massive food hang over! But I still had the energy to eat three gigantic home made choc chip cookies that night! Did I regret it 🙂 NOPE!

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