Churrasco, William St

July 7, 2010 § 2 Comments

If you were about to start a week of vegetarian eating what would be the logical thing to do? Stock up on tofu, eggs, soy beans and other high protein ingredients? Stockpile your favourite vegetarian recipes? Make a reservation at Govindas? Of course not! You would stuff yourself to the brim with sausage, rib, pork belly…

Well I would, and it was this thought that saw me, NB and our friends lining up outside Churrasco Brazilian BBQ on William St, Sydney last Saturday night.

This place is so busy that when we called on Wednesday to add 2 more people to our group they said it would require a cancellation (fortunately there was one). The restaurant only takes two seatings a night, one at 6pm and one at 8pm – I would suggest going to the later session so you won’t feel pressured to leave and make room for the hordes of carnivores chomping at the bit outside the door.

Upon entering the restaurant there are 4 tables of six and one long row – walk around the corner and a cavern appears before you with three tables that would have been seating (probably) 40 people each. We made our way to the centre of the middle table and at once realised that conversation would be difficult with anyone who wasn’t sitting directly next to you – the tables were large and the noise was raucous.

First things first – are there any vegetarians dining tonight?? Umm no…that’s why we came to a house of meat…

Our Brazilian waitress seemed to be new on the job, and somewhat new with her command of the English language. 15 minutes of hand gesturing later we think we have ordered our drinks.

Once seated your group is presented with a constant supply of rice, sour cream potatoes, black beans and guacamole (included in the $35  all-you-can-eat package). The deal is simple, you keep your little card GREEN for “Yes please I still feel anaemic” or flip it to RED for “No thankyou, I think I will give birth to a calf”. And then you simply take the offerings…chicken sausage, wagyu, ribs, pork belly, chorizo, chicken hearts, sliced eye fillet, lamb rump…we also ordered a salad to share ($10.50) and combat the animal within, but while it made my mind feel better I think it was really a token gesture.

Our drinks arrived, scattered, throughout the meal. DF’s diet coke came out faster than you could say sucrose, my caprioska (shaken with kaffir and ginger) and AB’s strawberry and lychee cocktail were hot to follow. The remaining drinks came sporadically with some confusion, much like the waitress, until we began to joke that she had given NB’s pinot noir to another guy (woops – she did!).

The good thing about constant meat is that, for me anyway, you know when to stop…unlike thai or chinese when I never believe that too much of a good thing really is too much.

We finished with grilled pineapple (a nice touch that reminded me of holiday hamburgers) and meandered rather than rolled back into the cold night air. I even had room for a mouthful of ice cream back at Chateau Strawbs.

So, Churrasco? I highly recommend that you go – more for the food than the service, and maybe not every Saturday, but at least once… and definitely before a week in The Veggie Patch.


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§ 2 Responses to Churrasco, William St

  • Meals says:

    I think I became a vegetarian after eating at this place, for at least 4 days! The food was great, however, i think more vegetables should be included in the price…i don’t think I can eat $35 dollars worth of meat! Bring on the greens!

  • ducky says:

    kei don’t know what sort of appetite you have but the list of foods on offer sounds terrifying! I would like to take my husband to that restaurant next time we go to Sydney.

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