The Gluten Free Kitchen Eats Buckwheat Bread

June 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

Another Monday morning and I’m sitting here under a mountain of blankets and bed socks, watching the sun roll and tumble with the clouds in their endless winter battle of blue skies. I think this Sydney winter is the coldest to be felt since I moved here ove two years ago, and we’re still not in July! If the sky isn’t opening for a two-week downpour then a bitter wind is sweeping from the beach through to the eclectic cafe scene that is the streets of Darlinghurst. I sometimes challenge the weather with my outfit. In theory I believe that if I dress for summer then Mother Nature will accommodate. Success? I’m afraid not.

I feel wicked complaining as the inland town of my childhood is waking up to minus 8°c most mornings now, but while they spend nights infront of crackling open fires my flatmate’s and I find ourselves huddled up like penguins, trying to stay warm in our unheated, uninsulated Bondi apartment.

But the good thing about the chill is the enjoyment found in cooking, eating, drinking. With winter in full swing we are able to enjoy an abundance of root vegetables, baking and braising, slow pot roasts and casseroles, curries and homemade pasta. A Sunday afternoon spent with a recipe journal, scissors and glue, a steaming mug of tea with honey, and perhaps a corner or more of a homemade brownie (A corner?! Who am I kidding?!). Bliss!

This week my favourite discovery, my winter morning treat, has been buckwheat bread, which was a birthday gift from one of my girlfriends after she took me to lunch at The Suveran. If you can visualise yourself feasting on a warm piece of cake for breakfast then spread a piece of this loaf with jam/almond butter/ cheese/ hummus… and eat the goodness into your morning.

You can find a simple recipe for buckwheat bread here, although if you want the amazing depth of flavour and texture of The Suveran’s (they sprout their own seeds in house and add them to the loaf) I think the recipe here might be closer – I haven’t yet tried either.

I also love to have this after a night teaching at the gym, topped with ricotta, tomato and a handful of rocket leaves, drizzled with olive oil and cracked pepper. Mmmmmm. Just be warned that if you cook it in a toaster it will take twice as long as regular bread and has a tendency to break up when you try to remove it – if you have a grill to use it would work a treat.

So this week, I suggest you wander down to your local organic store and treat yourself to a loaf of deliciousness.


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