Gluten Free Food for Thought

June 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

Before starting my gluten free diet on Friday I thought I would share some findings!

When beginning anything new I think it is always inspirational to hear some success stories from those that have come before!

Read how foodie Charlotte Inglis radically overhauled the diet of herself and her family after they all diagnosed with intolerances to gluten.

If you’re eating out in Sydney why not check out the gluten free, dairy free, organic food philosophy of Yukako Ichikawa at Wafu, saving the environment from waste at the same time! For takeaway pizza I can personally recommend Crust or Wilson’s on Bondi Rd.

If you happen to be in New York, it might be worth checking out this NYT article and another peek here.

Unfortunately the cost of treating coeliac disease and gluten intolerances is high. That’s because the treatment is to avoid eating products containing gluten, and gluten-free versions of products like bread, pizza and crackers are nearly three times as expensive as regular products, according to a study conducted by the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University. In Britain patients found to have celiac disease are prescribed gluten-free products and in Italy, sufferers are given a stipend to spend on gluten-free food. Check here for more info about the cost of eating gluten free and tips to keep the price down.

Just a little food for thought…


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