Dairy Free? Milk It For All It’s Worth.

June 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

Well the first stage of my challenge has ended happily – despite the one encounter with delicious buttery wok fried sirloin. Red Lantern you had  me baited.

At first i just avoided dairy altogether. Not exactly practical in the long term.

And then it seemed that the only way I found dairy substitutes palatable was to disguise them behind grams and grams of sugar- (p.s no regrets about discovering the vanilla milk).

After trial and error I realised that oat and rice milk weren’t for me but So Good Lite soy milk was able to hit the spot minus the extra sweetness. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s attempt at almond milk (the nuts are soaking and the muslin has been rinsed).

As far as cooking goes, I found it easy to create main meals that aren’t dairy based, personally I rarely cooked creamy, milky, buttery dishes in the first place, and perhaps in this way i didn’t challenge myself as much as I could have. Although I felt the pinch in the little extras – a sprinkling of parmesan on your bolognese, a dollop of yoghurt raita on your curry and the like. Consciously taking dairy out of the equation will definitely leave you cooking lighter meals, and it reduced my post-dinner snacking as i couldn’t guzzle litres of soy as I tend to do with cow’s milk.

I also  found myself caught out a few times with the ‘hidden dairy’: water crackers, biscuits, some cereals. For those with an allergy, a keen eye on the ingredients list would be absolutely vital.

As far as price goes I didn’t notice any major difference and I think this is because so many ‘non-dairy’ foods exist as independent ingredients, not just as a substitute.

So, to finish up!

  • I think I could be converted to some days of soy milk
  • I don’t think I will be converted to faux cheese!
  • Coconut milk is not dairy -I didn’t realise this previously
  • Eating out can be a challenge – inform your waiter of your diet
  • Check, check, check ingredients list. As with all diets like this, cooking from scratch is often the safest option
  • One week isn’t long enough to really test the possibilities of this diet. I will continue to attempt interesting alternative recipes along the Blushing Strawberries journey

My cow Marsha


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