I don’t subscribe to Mondayitis and I love Tuesday mornings

March 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

Between dirty glasses and a dirty laptop screen I’m surprised that this post can be seen to be written! And while I know how distressed my tech-savvy brother gets at the state of my computer I feel the cleaning can come later as I remain in a state of bliss and just wanted to share the delicious little Tuesday morning routine that I have started to make my weeks in sunny Sydney even more enjoyable!

And here it is.

I like to wake at 5:45am and sit with a cup of green tea, a piece of fruit and a square of 80% Lindt dark chocolate while I study (the morning is unquestionably my brains most productive time of day, apparently something I share with Stanley Tucci and my father). I’ll then read a selection of news online (my fave picks at the moment are Global New York Times, Charlotte Observer, and The Armidale Express before checking my stars with The DailyOM.

View from home in the morning

By 8am my body is itching for activity and I run Bondi-Bronte-Bondi and then swim at the home end. The swim, which is actually me floating and diving under the waves in a mermaid style, is my 20 minutes of sea-meditation, a chance to re channel my energies inward and still the mind that moves as fast as my feet while I run. This morning the sea was wild, our beaches getting the whiplash from Cyclone Ului and my mermaid impersonation was reduced to a water-scared duck paddling in the shallows.

I walk home through the back streets to avoid the traffic and keep the calm. I’m starving by the time I reach home and make for breakfast whatever the flavour of the week may be (I have a tendency to eat the same meal every morning for weeks before I become sick of it!) At the moment I’m craving:

1. An open grill  – Rye sourdough, avocado, vine ripened tomato, sliced green chilli, fetta and rocket


2. A roast mushroom (I’m trying to make the most of the short portobello season) with homemade pesto, a hardboiled egg and maybe some buckwheat bread with hummus.


And the view.

Such a beautiful start sets me up for a day of gym instructing and means I only have to nibble carrot sticks, nuts and another piece of fruit in between classes.

“Today is your own. Tomorrow perchance may never come.” Swami Sivananda


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